Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Music Conference Maximizing

This fall and winter is the most active I've ever seen in terms of music conferences. While there are a few national music conferences, there are a great deal more of regional conferences popping up season after season. Unfortunately, music professionals are getting music conference burn out and new comers to the industry go from one conference to the next as though they were club hopping.

Most people probably are not maximizing their music conference experience, because they don't properly prepare, nor do they follow up with key contacts they meet at a conference or music business networking event. I too have been guilty of this. To help you maximize your music conference experience you'll want to download the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics Ebook. The book has nearly 100 U.S. Music Conferences and over 130 U.S. Record Pools. Download the Truth Ebook here.

If you're new to the music business I'd strongly suggest attending a local or regional music conference close to your home before venturing out to far. Local music conferences tend to be a bit more intimate and cost effective. If not prepared a large music conference will eat you alive. Between conference registration, travel cost and slick talking hustlers you may return home feeling like you got scammed, it happens every year.

Most folks attending these music conferences are no where to be found the following year. Word to the wise, if you are an indie label, don't spend your $15,000 marketing budget sponsoring a music conference to promote a single unless you have laid the work to properly set your project in motion. For details on how to maximize your music conference experience and a list of U.S. Music Conferences you'll want to download the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics Ebook

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  1. The worlds largest music conference is coming Jan 25 - 31 in Cannes France. BEWARE this is not for the weak of heart nor the poorly educated. This event is a pure business conference 24 hours a day for 5 straight days. Over 10,000 participants representing 900 countries will be available to make deals and acquire new friendships.

    If you think that you are one of the chosen few contact JAWAR for more information.