Sunday, September 30, 2007

JaWar at Greg Gates Music Conference

Anyone near the Gulf Coast that didn't attend the September 2007 Greg Gates Music Conference missed a great opportunity to network and hear practical information shared by DJ Chuck T, Wendy Day -Rap Coalition, Janiro Hawkins II -SEA Awards, Wes Phillips -A&R Select-O-Hits Distribution and many other music business professionals.

Some of the information discussed during the panels was mixtapes relevancy? Can independents make money off ringtones and the Internet? How can attendees benefit at future music conferences and record pool meetings?

In responding to the questions I mentioned the new music business model and my theory of how music would be used to generate money in the future. I mentioned that people should have one to three very specific goals and objectives for attending a music conference or record pool meeting. They should go in an effort to network and add value to the conference. For greater details on how to maximize your music conference, record pool meeting, talent showcase or open mic experience Download the Truth Ebook.

For a list of future music conferences Download the Truth Ebook.

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