Saturday, September 22, 2007

Music Conference Travels by JaWar

Over the past few weeks I've attended the TJsDJs Music Conference in Miami, the Future of Music Policy in D.C., Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans and Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta.

I've had fun, learned some new things and met a lot of great people at each music conference. Before attending any conference I made sure I'd had more than enough fliers promoting the Music Industry Connection Book Series, the Music Industry Connection Books themselves and a positive mental attitude. Having a great attitude has given me the opportunity to create situations that is leading to increase revenue, brand recognition and market share for my clients and I.

I've benefited most by being prepared, getting to music conferences earlier and staying late, giving a flyer to everyone at the conference, collecting as many business cards and fliers that I could and adding something of value to others while at the conference.

Most of us distribute fliers promoting our music or music related business seeking the attention of our target market. As a way to add value to a music conference and give something of myself, my fliers have a number of websites and blogs on how to make money online and advance your music business career. By doing this it is likely that more people will keep my fliers longer than they normally would because there is something of value for them. Word to the wise, give something of yourself, add something of value and you'll be rewarded; yes indeed.

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