Friday, October 5, 2007

Tired of Music Conferences by JaWar?

Traditional music conferences have run their course. It seems like there are two to three music conferences per month in Atlanta and even more around the United States. Think I'm exaggerating? Download the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mic Ebook and get access to 99 music conferences in the U.S.

The music business model continues to be redefined. As a result music conferences have to change. In the past major record labels would invest tens of thousands of dollars in sponsoring music conferences. With declining CD sales and continual increase in digital sales major record labels have moved away from sponsoring many regional and national music conferences.

Many of my friends in the music business believe that music conferences for the most part are dead. I am believing that music conferences merely have to keep up with the changes in social behavior, best business practices and technology. In years past music conferences were designed to help recording artist and garage bands get on (get signed) to a major record label. Today most people in the music business are independent and conferences must grow with this change if they are to survive. Music conferences must move away from traditional music panel discussions, as most people don't retain the majority of what they hear during panels.

Under the Music Therapy 101 Banner my team and I have given truly dynamic and interactive music conferences, seminars and workshops. During the 2007 Atlantis Music Conference B. Brown, Willie Hunter and I provided a Music Therapy 101 Seminar were attendees bore witness to a change in music conference format. Attendees were challenged, entertained and encouraged to network with each other. To experience a truly dynamic music conference , seminar or workshop experience attend and event were I presents Music Therapy 101 and the Music Industry Connection Seminar Series.

During my presentations you'll get information about monetizing your web presence (make money online) and how to harness your mind to create your reality, thereby positioning you to create the lifestyle you were meant to live. For future music conferences, seminars and workshops I may speak at click here. Download the music industry connection ebooks by clicking here.

Are you tired of the same style music conferences? Give me a call when you're ready to provide your attendess with a dynamic music conference, seminar or workshop experience.

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