Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fiery Debate Heats Up Music Business Panel

DJ Dee Mello -entrepreneur & on-air talent in Atlanta produces a radio program called BLACKANOMICS that airs on XM/SIRIUS Sattelite Radio Channel 169, The Power. The program was designed to educate, inspire & motivate entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of upward mobility through the creation of their own economic empowerment.

Dee Mello was asked by the Black College Radio Convention to aid them in organizing the The Positive & Negative Influence of Rap & Hip Hop In Our Society Today Panel. Featured speakers included JaWar -Motivational Speaker/Author/Business Consultant, B. Brown -Bar Red Ent., Willie Hunter -Publicists/Film Critic, Chris -Aarow Records, Soul Messiah & Kevin "Koolin" Fox -Dir. of Urban Programming/Clear Channel.

In addition to the panelists I met Paul McGregor -SWIM, James Bryant -Clear View, Rodney Oliver -ETC Recordings, Shirley L. Ellis -Fort Valley State, Shannon Levingston -Wiley College, Benjamin Johnson -Albany State University and more.

The fiery debates during the music industry panel stemmed from such passion among panelists and guests with what seemed to be opposing arguments. After consideration one may conclude that the opposing arguments were actually complimentary as it appeared as we were all seeking to arrive at the same place.

Chris delivered his experience of fortitude as he recounted the steps he took to get commercial radio airplay for Jarvis on V-103 (wvee) in Atlanta several years back. He spoke of how Tosha Luv showed Jarvis love by giving the song a chance. Chris's testament was relevant as he spoke to an audience of future owner/operators, ceo's and board members of major corporations. He shared how soon they will be in a position of authority to effect real change. They have and will continue to have the voice to green light positive images and music to the public. Other panelists echoed that sentiment.

I spoke of the importance of being owner/operators in order to create real change in the music business. The audience was encouraged & challenged to stretch their creative imaginations, to go beyond the boundaries of the norm and to do the unexpected.

This music business panel was one of the most exciting I've witnessed. In its' 29th Year the Black College Radio Convention was still educating and encouraging future radio station owner/operators to go the extra mile and achieve all the goodness they could. Students seemed thankful and excited that they attended the music conference. In addition, to attending next year's Black College Radio Convention you'll want to register for the Southwest Georgia Radio Music Conference in Albany.

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