Saturday, April 26, 2008

Music Conference Lists October 2008

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Oct. 2008,
Cincinnati, OH
Midwest DJ and Urban Music Conference

Oct. 3-5, Chicago, IL
G Mixx Music Retreat (Music Conference)

Oct. 9-11, Miami, FL
Beats on the Beach (Music Conference)

Oct. 14-15, Mexico, Distrito Federal
(Spanish Speaking)
DJ World Music Conference

Oct. 17-18, St. Petersburg, FL
Ministry in Music Conference

Oct. 22, Gainesville, FL
Gainesville Music Summit (Music Conference)

Oct. 23, Atlanta, GA
ATL Record Pool Music Conference

Oct. 26, Columbia, SC
Columbia Record Pool (Music Conference)

Oct. 27-29 London, England
Music Expo Europe (Music Conference)

Oct. 30, Tallahassee, FL
TJs DJs Quarterly Music Conference

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