Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ATL Record Pool Music Conference

The Atl Record Pool Music Conference is schedule for June 26-28, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is billed as a must attend for major label recording artist and independents alike seeking to network with key DJ's from around the country and reach new and existing fans of Hip Hop and R&B/Soul Music.

Invited DJs and music business professionals include, but not limited to:
  • DJ Holiday -ATL Record Pool, Co-CEO
  • DJ Jelly - Oomp Camp's Southern Style DJs
  • DJ Drama - The Aphilliates
  • TJ Chapman -Ceo, TJsDJs Record Pool
  • DJ Greg Street -V103
  • Shaka Zulu -D.T.P. (Disturbing The Peace ), CEO
  • Jason Geter -Grand Hustle, CEO
  • P. Brown -Streettalk Marketing/Streettalk Newspaper, Co-CEO ATL Record Pool
Additionally, JaWar -Motivational Speaker/Author/Business Consultant who present the groundbreaking seminar How to Make Money Online. The new music business model is now. The Internet and mobile technology continue to expand.

Because the ATL Record Pool Music Conference wants to see you achieve your goals and realize your potential they have organized a three day music conference that will position anyone in attendance to network and build their business. The last ATL Record Pool event had over 1,100 in attendance with little marketing and promotions.

Major and independent media outlets, Internet radio stations, djs, record pools and a host of others have been invited to network and listen to new talent. This may be another stepping stone to advancing your music career. To ensure easy access and performance opportunities register online at ATL Record Pool Music Conference or call 404-474-2804.

To ensure you maximize your opportunity at this and any other music conference download the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics Ebook.

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