Saturday, August 9, 2008

Music Conference Improvements

Someone asked what new things would you like to see at future music conferences? I thought this was an excellent question that isn't asked often enough by conference organizers. Below is my response.

You'll also want to download and read the TRUTH BOOK has it has practical information for increasing your ability to get the most out of any music conference, music showcase or record pool meeting.

If the music conference is held on a college campus it may be wise to do it when classes our in session to draw off the energy from the student population.

Have the conference in an area that has free wifi, so people may network online while at the conference. This gives people the ability to present their website to potential and future clients while at the conference. Additionally, for those people who are e-commerce enabled it gives them the ability to conduct transactions on the spot, that's awesome.

If panels will be conducted limit the amount of speakers to ensure your presenters have the ability to share valuable information. I've been to some conferences where there are 10 speakers for a 60 or 90 minute panel. While this may appear impressive, because the conference is able to get many names on one (1) panel, it greatly limits the amount of time each speaker has to present qualitative information, wisdom and experience to attendees.

Unfortunately, many recording artists and music producers don't want to here the information that will truly empower them to boost their business -they'd rather just perform, but for those business savvy individuals you may want to have more meat when it comes to the information on the music business. For instance, having three (3) to five (5) panels is ideal when possible, even if this means having shorter discussions to cover more topics.

Bring in more speakers and presenters that are able to share information about the New Music Business Models, Internet Marketing, Mobile Content Delivery & Monetization and Making Money Online. Now that's Industry Pimping!


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