Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the Know Music Conference

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Kim Ellis of KE Consulting & Marketing Solutions and Wendy Day of Rap Coalition Will Launch "In The Know" Monthly Music Industry Seminars Online Beginning October 18, 2008

Atlanta, GA -- September 15, 2008 - Before you invest time and money in today's recession to travel across the country in an attempt to gain knowledge about the Music Industry, consider "In The Know" Seminars as a viable option for gaining knowledge, resources and connections necessary to make a pivotal change in your career path all from the comfort of your home. Whether you are an Artist, Producer, DJ, Publicist, etc. allow Kim Ellis and Wendy Day, along with the many industry professionals (panelists) who will provide this priceless information, not only save you money but introduce you to this cutting edge, non-intimidating learning atmosphere to help you achieve your goals.

No newcomers to attending various music industry conferences and events, Kim Ellis and Wendy Day recognized the need to provide a more conducive learning atmosphere for those that are truly seeking an educational experience vs an event catered more for the party goer. However, that's not the only reason. By working with many independent artists on PR/Marketing and Consulting needs between the two of them in their separate businesses, there's an up front understanding that budgets tend to be a bit smaller than average, and many could not afford to travel to all the various events but still thrive for the knowledge.

Reminiscing one early morning in May 2008 on her corporate job Kim Ellis held in 2004 as a Human Resources professional where she conducted New Hire Training via a web based Power Point presentation and conference call, the light went off in her head and she immediately began to do research on the idea which ultimately led to her reaching out to the person she knew had the same passion as she, Ms. Wendy Day.

"I knew this was a win win situation and a cutting edge way of offering knowledge to those who are in a never ending pursuit for information on how to succeed in such a competitive industry", explains Kim Ellis. "With the entertainment industry continuously moving toward a viral market and atmosphere, I knew that now was the best time in light of todays' economy to offer this avenue to the knowledge seekers. We are in this to educate, not perpetrate and who else to better do it but myself and Wendy who are driven by the passion and love for what we do", concluded Kim.

"This venture makes sense on so many levels for us to do", states Wendy Day. "Aside from my 16 years of knowledge and success in the music business, coupled with my experience in organizing panel discussions, I knew this would be a fit for me. In the last year I have spent in the upwards of $70,000 attending every industry event I could find that was offering knowledge. A few were quite good, but most were disappointing at best. They were poorly funded, lacked the sharing of real knowledge, and were seemingly run by folks looking to make a big financial score without any focus on what was being taught or shared. Kim and I can offer this real knowledge and information by ways of results oriented and proven professionals in the music business for these folks while saving them money and eliminating the intimidation factor by sitting in a room full of people they don't know. Since Kim and I both give 100% to everything we do, you already know In The Know will be an industry leader", Wendy proudly denotes.

Monthly "In The Know" Seminars will roll out in the Fall of 2008 and will be presented by using the worldwide leader in online meeting applications - WebEx, which is a Cisco Company. "We've been diligently working on the process, which has been a 120 day proposed roll out, to ensure quality and world class service to our attendees and presenters," states Kim.

You can expect nearly all the elements that you would be able to experience at a live conference with "In The Know" to include sponsorship/branding opportunities, knowledge (gift) bags, contacts, LIVE critique sessions and so much more! The first topic on Saturday, October 18th will be "How To Get A Record Deal" and will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST via www.intheknowseminars.com.

For more information on how to get your company involved or for general information, contact us at 404-434-0295 or info@intheknowseminars.com. As well, be sure to check the website at www.intheknowseminars.com and the MySpace page at www.myspace.com/intheknowseminars.

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