Friday, September 16, 2011

Independent Music Conference

The IMC is an educational conference and learning opportunity. It is jammed with panels, workshops, mentoring sessions, networking, and performance critique. Please join us for 3 days of intensive independent music education. If you're serious about the business of music, then the IMC is a must-attend event.
This is the 12th IMC in eight years and it will be the 3rd time in Los Angeles, CA.

Event Location: Musicians Institute 6752 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA

How to Attend and/or Perform: By submitting your RPK and paying the submission fee, you are registering for the Conference. This process makes you immediately eligible to perform – there is no "showcase application" process. There are no refunds. Remember, even if you are not selected to perform, you are already registered to attend the conference when you submit your RPK. There are no other fees.

Industry Instructors: Bill Pere (CT Songwriters Assoc.) Kay Pere (Vocal Instructor) Steven Memel (Vocal Instructor) Jan Linder Koda (Artist Development Producer) Bernard Baur (Musicians Institute) Hugh Brown, PhD (Huge Music, Australia) Jimi Yamagishi (Songnet) Mandi Martin (Producer) Laurie Anderson (SoundExchange) Craig Harris (Drum Instructor) Tommy Byrnes (Sovereignty Music) Anthony Lawrence (Rockhouse Method) Antoine Carter (Project Manager- Pro Music Records) Emiko E. Carlin (President, The 6412 Ltd.) Chip Schutzman (Miles High Productions) Gilli Moon (founder of Songsalive!) Loren Weisman (Music Producer - Author - Speaker) Cindy Ellen Hill, Esq. (Attorney, Musician) Noel Ramos (Artist, Advocate, IMC Director) Billy Zero (Chemistry Management) Matthew Moran (Songwriter, Technology Consultant, Author) Vladimir Vukicevic.

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