Saturday, December 1, 2007

Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Music Conference Recap

The Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Music Conference was a benefit for those who were skilled in the art of networking, had a practical plan and executed their plan with precision.

Face 2 Face Entertainment hosted their introduction boot camp. The panel was moderated by Greg Street -V103/Hittmenn DJs. Panelists included Devyne Stephens -CEO, Upfront Entertainment, Kaspa, Julia Beverly-Ozone Magazine, Maurice Starr, Rovella Williams -Verses Entertainment, Ray Hamilton-LOD DJs, VooDoo-Big Oomp Records and DJ Toomp-Multi-platinum music producer/songwriter and CEO, Nzone.

The panelists were candid about sharing information on how aspiring music business executives, recording artist, music producers ans songwriters can position themselves for long-term success in the music industry. Maurice Starr spoke how he had invested a few million dollars of his own money into his newest five-group boy band. He suggested that you take your music career in your on hands and develop your craft and market your entertainment services -find your niche. Rovella Williams talked about the importance of starting at the grassroots -the local area and working your way to the top. She spoke of the importance of networking, building relationships and having a tight live performance.

Greg Street suggested that aspiring recording artist use the Internet and video to create new fans, build a buzz and hype around their music and brand. He suggested that for most recording
artist commercial radio should be the last stop in their marketing mix. Greg asked the audience why was there not more people video taping the panel so they could review the knowledge and wisdom that was being shared?

Throughout the Billboard Music Conference speakers reminded the audience to strengthen their music industry connections.

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