Monday, January 14, 2008

Music Conference Hustles JaWar

Ok, so one of my booking agents has been aggressively contacting a number of music conferences in an effort to get me to speak so that I can share with you how to make money online using the Now (New) Music Business Model. Honestly, things have been going very well even though in the music industry, conferences are not accustomed to financially compensating their speakers -that's another blog.

In any event the music conference in question is away from my local market (Atlanta) and would require a considerable amount of time and money for me to get there. In exchange for me agreeing to speak during the conference in question I'd requested that travel and hotel expenses be absorbed by the conference. It was also requested that I have a booth to display the Music Industry Connection Book Series, that a link be placed on the official conference website pointing to either or The conference correspondent said that I was asking for to much and the conference didn't compensate its' speakers financially.

We said we understood the conferences position and could they counter our offer. We were told that we would be presented with a great offer, but "could I go ahead and agree to speak on several of the panels," the conference representative asked. SOMETHINGS WRONG HERE FRIENDS! If I'm agreeing to bring real value to the constituents (showing them how to make money online in the music business) and have said that I'm willing to come to the event at the very minimum the conference should counter with a bona fide offer. Instead, the conference representative has repeatedly asked that I agree to speak even though they have not agreed nor countered any of our terms.

Friends, in life as in business you give and you get. There must be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Typically, one side starts high and the other side starts low in negotiations the goal is to meet somewhere in the middle creating a win/win/win situation. Thus far this situation seems to be a bit of a win/loose/loose.

The music conference in question wins because they get to have a dynamic, motivational speaker share information that will have their attendees asking for more. The conference has agreed not to pay the speaker (that's me), nor compensate for any travel arrangements or provide a booth, extra passes or link from their website to either or Attendees of the music conference loose, because they miss out on an opportunity to learn in a practical step-by-step process how to make money on the Internet in the music business. Perhaps there will be, but I didn't see anyone who was going to share specific details with attendees on how to monetize their web presence immediately. I loose because I don't get a chance to meet and greet new people and share information that's empowering the independent music community throughout the U.S. to make money online.

While I will not say which music conference it is that seems to be hustling JaWar I will say that they were put in the 2008 music conference schedule prior to being contacted by our staff and they appear in the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mic Book. Honestly, I thought about pulling them off the 2008 music conference schedule, but I created the list for you the independent recording artist, garage band, singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, record label, etc. seeking to network and boost your business. Because of this I've decided to keep them on the list.

In 2008 and beyond if a music conference is not showing you how to monetize your web presence and help you become "Googleable" it's time they hired JaWar. If a music conference will not have speakers and information showing you practical ways to help you monetize your web presence you should really consider one-on-one consulting with the Motivational Speaker and Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series who is "Googleable" and who maintains over 40+ websites, blogs, web pages and forums to date.

"Googleable" means that when you look for your name, company or band name using Google's search engine you are found on the first page of the search results. Are you "Googleable" JaWar is you should be too? Being "Googleable" greatly increasing your chances that fans around the world and around the corner will find you. Being "Googleable" has a direct correlation with increased marketshare, downloads and sells.

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