Sunday, January 27, 2008

Southern Entertainment Awards Music Conference

The Southern Entertainment Awards (SEA's) Music Conference was well attended. Jesse Johnson, Janiro Hawkins & Brent Buford did an excellent job of putting together a great group of speakers for the conference.

Wendy Day moderated all six panels over two days on her own. No, she isn't an octopus. The music conference was designed in such a way that their was one panel being held at a time. The panels were rotated using three different rooms. Each panel started on time and ended on time, thanks to Wendy not allowing panelists and question and answer to run over. Panels included How to Get a Record Deal, Assembling a Killer Team, Building a Buzz, How To Put Out Your Own CD, Making Money with Mixed CDs and DVDs and Get Your Song On The Radio.

The panelists all seem to be very candid, informative and open in sharing information that would empower attendees and each other. Some of my personal highlights included Kaspa -Hittmen DJs, because he was able to stay on course and give everyone 5 to 7 point system to help them move their career forward. Nick Love -Proving Grounds, LLC was instrumental in relating his personal experience, having a dedicated work ethic and building solid relationships is paramount for long-term growth in the music business.

DJ Judge Mental
and Scorpio both shared great information as well. Scorpio was both entertaining and informative at the same as he spoke about the proper way to approach a DJ and build relationships in the industry. He shared that while some people may view him as some square dude he is a powerful cat in his own right that can help an independent label or artists music career.

In the middle of a panel Wendy Day came to me put some money in my hands and ask for a few Music Industry Connection Books. Then she turned around and gave the books to TMI to give away to a few of the attendees during the panel. Then I gave Wendy additional copies of the 18 FAQ's (frequently asked questions) about the Music Business to give away with the Music Industry Connection Books. It was an awesome feeling to give and receive in the same moment.

I was able to share with attendees how they could generate performance royalty income from their music being played on various myspace music players online. In addition, I reminded the audience that we were in business to make a financial profit and we should focus our discussion on how to make money online and off. Apparently, my information was well received as a number of people thanked me and wondered why I'd not been a featured speaker. I told them I would make every effort to do so for next year and they could visit and to get more information on my music business products and services. In addition, they could call 678-887-4656 if they were interested in booking me to present as a featured speaker for their event.

If you missed this year's Southern Entertainment Awards Music Conference you missed a FREE music conference and a great opportunity to network with DJs, music magazines, music promoters, music producers, songwriters, music consultants, graphic artist, entertainment attorneys and a host of other industry professionals.

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