Monday, September 15, 2008

Baltimore Music Conference 2008

The Baltimore Music Conference Sept 17 -20, 2008 continues to bring recognition to music here in Baltimore as well as worldwide and to those that make it happen! Now including film, television, photography, arts and all entertainment mediums, it’s fast becoming an overall media conference. Add in educational forums, visual artists, vendors, dancers, plus more and you have, undoubtedly, the hottest four day event in the Mid-Atlantic region!

One part music festival and one part educational conference, both presenting fun, networking opportunities and entertainment for all.

This year’s event will be held at several venues around town. Some are known for large up-scale events, some are more underground. Some host concert series and some are charming and quaint. Dive bar to posh nightclub and art gallery to theater… much like the BMC, all are known to draw a varied and diverse crowd


This year’s event will be held September 17 - 20, 2008 with our musical showcases, each night at several Baltimore venues known for their support of music and the arts and also includes BAM (B’more Arts & Music), an outdoor festival on Saturday.

The conference sessions will be held Friday and Saturday at the Courtyard Marriott and The Hilton Garden Inn, both located in Harbor East, combining seminars, panel discussions, workshops, film presentations, networking parties and the Marketplace all central to the showcase venues. Selected for their downtown locations and eclectic amenities, these venues combined will easily accommodate the events 4,000+ expected guests. A diverse and eclectic audience, among which will include local and regional industry personnel, media, business and civic leaders, various artisans, area celebrities, musicians, DJs and music fans both locally and globally.

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